Grant Administration Solutions

Reviewing grants

All reviewers will be provided with a unique username and password.

When reviewers log in they will be taken to their personal reviewer dashboard that will show a summary of grant rounds for review, detailed information about each grant and information about reviews undertaken.

Grant managers will be able to communicate announcements and list schedules for each grant round. Grant managers will also control progress and workflow turning on/off grant rounds and projects for review.






Reviewer dashboard



To review grants, reviewers will select the grant round and the stage of the review. They can then select the project to be reviewed and available documentation. Where the applicant has provided an ORCID identifier the reviewer can browse this information in the ORCID website.

Reviewers will score applications using the scoring methodology enabled by the grant manager for each stage. They can entire the comments and flag applications they may wish to note or review at a later time.

Reviewers can also save PDFs summaries of their scores and comments for easy access in meetings.




Reviewing grant applications

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