Grant Administration Solutions

Login to the grant administration solution

Grant managers and reviewers will be provided with a link to access the philanthrovate grant management solution.

Users should use one of the following supported web browsers


  • Safari 12.x.
  • Internet Explorer 11.x.
  • Chrome 73 minimum.
  • Microsoft Edge 44.

Usernames and passwords are unique for each user and must not be shared. For security reasons you must click on the login button.


To help users navigate the grant management solution a toggle button is available to show hints. The hints shown are progressive displaying information relevant to next steps.

Helpful videos are also available by selecting the ‘?’ icon. The videos displayed are also relevant to the page and activities being undertaken.

Some high security systems including some hospitals may block the secured ports required to access the database. In this case the user will need to access the system on a different network.


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