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Philanthrovate grant administration

The Philanthrovate Grant Administration solution provides the flexibility of combining custom services and access to our proprietary built for purpose online management system. We assist grant makers effectively and efficiently throughout the entire grant lifecycle and can assist with resources during peak periods.

We can work with your organisations needs and grant managers to facilitate efficient and effective solutions to enable good giving.

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Philanthrovate grant administration
Application forms Promoting your grant round Online submissions Receipts and notifications Checks and governance Organisations profile Grant rounds Review criteria Reviewers Online reviews Review summaries Rankings and reports Application management Grants dashboard Files and acquittals Alerts and reminders Notes and actions Reports and charts Geography Classifications Images and reports

Application forms

Philanthrovate utilises the flexibility of PDF forms. u00a0We can provide starter forms or assist you in developing customised application forms for your needs, strategy and outcomes.rnrnApplication or expression of interest forms integrate with our online grant management solution and provide greater flexibility for applicants to collaborate when preparing applications.rnrnThe initial application PDF form includes field names that are required when first creating an application fo integration.

Promoting your grant round

We have also developed the FREE philanthrovate connect directory to assist researchers and grant makers.rnrnIt is NOT a requirement for grant makers to be users of the philanthrovate grant administration solution to register and use philanthrovate connect.rnrnWe can also discuss with clients how we may be able to further assist promoting grant rounds.

Online submissions

Clients may chose to use their own mechanisms of receiving applications or they can elect to use our online submission system.rnrnPDF application forms and supporting electronic media can be uploaded into the online system following uploading the initial PDF application using predefined fields.rnrnThe initial PDF application (EOI) must be submitted on the original form and not as scanned images or altered files.

Receipts and notifications

Our online submission system provides automated receipts for applicants and notifications for grant administrators via email.

Checks and governance

Our online submission system provides a secondary checklist of submissions combined with information requested during the submission process.rnrnThis information facilitates the ability to identify errors and incomplete submissions. u00a0 It can also export spreadsheets for summaries and custom reports.rnrnOur online submission pages can be customised and utilise standard classifications to assist with statistical analysis.

Organisations profile

Organisations manage and update their own profiles in the Philanthrovate grant administration solution.rnrnOrganisation profiles include information about your organisation, mission, strategy and purpose that may be helpful to grant reviewers.rnrnUser management and the level of access can be managed with assistance from our client manager.

Grant rounds

Grants and grant rounds are managed by grant managers assigned by the organisation.rnrnGrant profiles are included to provide further information for reviewers. u00a0Grant profiles carry forward to subsequent grant rounds to reduce duplication and can be modified.rnrnTo add a new grant round grant managers select the grant and then add a round and details including notices, updates and schedules for reviewers for each grant round.rnrnReviewers and review criteria are also managed for each grant round.

Review criteria

Eligibility criteria, review methodology and score ranges are managed for each grant round. u00a0These can be changed as applications progress through the review work flow.rnrnReview methodology allows for scoring using;rn

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  • Bands (five)
  • rn t

  • Single score
  • rn t

  • Matrix
  • rn t

  • Weighted matrix
  • rn


Reviewers each have their own dashboard (home page) including;rn

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  • Reviewer profiles
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  • Messages, alerts and schedules
  • rn t

  • Grant rounds for review (current and completed)
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  • Review summaries
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rnReviewers can go to grant rounds enabled by the grant manager to review applications (an associated documents), score and comment on the applications at each stage.rnrnThey can also review acquittals when enabled by the grant manager.

Online reviews

Review methodologies and access to grant rounds an applications for each reviewer is controlled by the grant manager.rnrnReview access is also controlled via stage. u00a0Example; a subset of reviewers may have access to EOI and all reviewers have access to full applications.rnrnReviewers are only able to see their own scores and comments for each application or grant (acquittal reviews).rnrnReviewers are required to declare conflicts of interest when reviewing each application. u00a0Grant manager settings can turn on/off a request to score if COI are declared.

Review summaries

Reviewers are able to generate their own review summaries and notes to facilitate meetings and comparative analysis of grants they have reviewed.

Rankings and reports

Grant managers are able to see summaries and preliminary rankings based upon collated reviewer scores. u00a0They can produce reports to assist in the review process and meeting.rnrnIf a reviewer has identified a conflict of interest for an application it will be identified.rnrnPreliminary ranking use the review system chosen and averages when the number of reviewers vary due to COI or other reasons.

Application management

Managing the workflow when assessing applications is an important component of the Philanthrovate grant administration solution.rnrnGrant managers have a user friendly screen allowing them to see and edit the status of each application throughout the review stages and process.rnrnSummaries and filtered reports can be created as PDF files for meetings. u00a0Group and individual communications can made via the grant managers desktop email system.rnrnThe solution supports the management of applications throughout the entire grant beyond the application process to completion..rnrnGrant managers can also add additional files (all types) to each application and grant as more information is provided.

Grants dashboard

Organisations have a grants dashboard. u00a0This will initially appear empty but will populate over time as applications are received and grants made.rnrnThe dashboard also highlights entered alerts, action items and any delegated managers for each grant.rnrnOrganisations may also enter grant amounts payed and committed to see summaries. u00a0Pleased note that it is not intended to be used or replace accounting software but may assist as a secondary check or quick reference.

Files and acquittals

Grant managers can add additional files to each application or grant including grant agreements, progress and acquittal reports.rnrnFiles can be all formats including text, spreadsheets, presentations, image and movie files. u00a0These can be downloaded to the grant managers desktop for viewing. u00a0PDF, image and video files can also be viewed in compatible browsers.

Alerts and reminders

Grant managers are alerted about upcoming and overdue activities using a coloured interface.rnrnGrant managers should enter due dates in the application/grant details.

Notes and actions

Grant managers can create notes and activities in each application/grants detail area.

Reports and charts

Prebuilt reports have been built into the Philanthrovate grant administration solution to assist with meetings, workflow, and statistics.


Online reports can be seen for stage and Australian states and territories.


Where standard classifications are used in application forms reports can be generated based upon the selected classifications.

Images and reports

Reports can be generated as PDF documents and download the the grant manages desktop.rnrnCharts can also be dragged to the grant managers desktop as image files for inclusion in custom reports.

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