Grant Administration Solutions

Step 1: Grants and grant rounds

Grant managers should follow the steps below before moving to ‘Stage 2; Users and reviewers’

Please note that grants and grant rounds are managed sequentially.  Please firstly create grants and then add rounds for the selected grant.

Add grants

  1. Go to the ‘Grants and Rounds’ tab and select [+] New Grant.  Follow the instructions to add grant information.
  2. Repeat above until you have added the grants you will be using.
  • Including grant details assists reviewers to identify eligibility and strategic fit.
  • Identifying grant activities here and in applications enables additional statistical data to be available in the solution.

Add rounds

  1. Select the grant by clicking on the left hand arrow next to the grant
  2. Select the year for the grant rounds you wish to view or add to using the arrows on the left and right hand side of the displayed year.
  3. Select [+] New Round and follow the instructions to add a new grant round for the specified grant.
  4. Repeat this process to add new rounds

Selecting the information icon next to each grant or grant round will allow you to view or edit information.

When selecting grant rounds you can add;

  • Notices for reviewers
  • Scheduled activities and dates
  • Other important information such as status, opening/closing dates and funds available.
  • Select from four different review/scoring methods.  These can be updated as reviews progress.

Please don’t forget to update your organisations details.


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