Research translation puts evidence into practice and delivers community benefits. Despite a large and growing body of medical science evidence, timely incorporation of evidence into policy, practice, service provision and healthcare education remains a consistent challenge.

The pathway from biomedical research towards innovation, is well established and has allowed funders and stakeholders to better address translation barriers. However, in research areas where translation is not closely interlinked with commercialisation, frameworks remain poorly defined.

This report explores conceptual pathways for transla4ng clinical medical science and public health research. These two research areas create large community benefit, yet have li=le commercialisa4on poten4al:
– Transla4ng clinical medical research informs and improves clinical prac4ce guidelines in the health workforce, such as techniques, diagnosis and treatment regimens.
-Transla4ng public health research, on the other hand, has the potential to provide community benefits through implementa4on of evidence-based health policy and services.

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Author: NJC

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