Research Translation

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Research translation

Research translation

Centuris can assist your organisation plan, review and manage commercially focused technology development programs.  By either managing the program itself or acting as a consultant to your scientific and management team we can facilitate or drive value adding Research and Development activities.

Standardly, research plans and activities will include; performance benchmarking, milestones and predetermined assessment criteria facilitating the stop/go decisions required in a commercial and focused research environment.

Centuris can also assist with identifying providers and managing the outsourcing of research activities building a coherent and co-ordinated program cognisant of the need for quality and regulatory systems.



Centuris can assist your organisation identify, review, negotiate and commercialise technologies to divest or expand your Intellectual Property portfolio.

We can assist with;

  1. The management of due-diligence undertakings,
  2. Reviewing the merits, risks and limitations of technologies,
  3. Understanding the market and competition,
  4. The identification of risk management strategies, milestones and benchmarks,
  5. Preparation of commercially focused R&D plans and budget forecasts,
  6. Business planning,
  7. The preparation of capital raising document portfolios and presentations,
  8. The conduct of investor presentations and road-shows,
  9. Operational technology transfer activities.

We will work with senior management and Boards to establish and implement procedures for your oganisation incorporating good  governance practices and procedures bringing transparency and clear decision points to navigate the review and approval process.

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