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Administrative services

Administrative services

Centuris can assist your organisation in strategic planning and grant administration.

Our grant administration services use our philanthropic innovative solutions to provide a beyond end-to-end approach to grant making helping you to ensure good governance, transparency and capture impact after a grant is completed.

We can work with your team, provide basic services during surge periods or even provide a full-service approach.

Please contact us to learn more.

Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions

Philanthrovate connect

With a strong belief in corporate social responsibility (CSR) in 2018 Centuris launched ‘Philanthrovate Connect’ a FREE online directory to efficiently and effectively connect health and medical researchers with trusts and foundations. Utilising Australian standards philanthrovate connect assists researchers identify grants that are relevant to their needs.

In 2020, we increased our commitment to help effective and efficient giving by expanding the FREE philanthrovate connect platform to all sectors.

Philanthrovate connect is a self-administered directory helping you to reach out to applicants with the information they need to know.


Grant administration

Centuris has used its experience and in-house capabilities to build the philanthrovate grant administration solution.  Our in-house capabilities means that we can not only be flexible and responsive but have chosen to absorb development costs helping you to give more whilst still accessing best in class solutions.

The online platform in-the-cloud works using your browser and being in the cloud software updates and new features will automatically become available.  The end-to-end off-the-shelf solution assists with online applications, reviews, progress reports, workflow and project management for charities, grant makers and investors.

Now with built-in modular reporting grant makers and applicants can easily stay informed and up to date.

For all sectors and grant makers of all sizes we endeavour to provide cost effective solutions to meet your needs so you can direct more funds to where they are needed most.

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