February 2, 2018

Centuris Pty Ltd launches Philanthrovate connect. 

Philanthrovate is a FREE online directory to help connect researchers and funders of health and medical research.

Researchers and funders can both spend considerable time and resources seeking, applying, reviewing and assessing opportunities for support.  Creating a central directory provides efficiencies and increase effectiveness for both funders and researchers.

Philanthrovate supports researchers and funders by using filters (including national standards) to help relevant researchers and funders connect.

Listing asks funders to nominate;

  • Where they give (e.g. NSW),
  • Broad Areas of research (e.g. Basic Science),
  • Burdens of Disease (e.g. Asthma),
  • What you support (e.g. scholarships), and
  • Key words

Funders also include summaries of their;

  • Mission
  • Funding strategy
  • Application and review processes,
  • Timing for grant rounds and if they are open or closed, and
  • Frequently asked questions

Researchers can identify and follow funding organisations within their dashboard connecting back to the funder for more information and applications.

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Centuris Pty Ltd



Author: NJC


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