Philanthrovate connect

Philanthrovate connect is a free directory to assist researchers, charities and foundations connect.

It utilises traditional classification systems and social media tools to create an effective and efficient solution to identify and engage with relevant charities and researchers.

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Philanthrovate connect
About your organisation Purpose or Mission Strategy Other conditions Geography Preferences and priorities Not interested in Classifications Broad Areas of Research Burden of Disease Activities supported Level and type of support When to apply How to apply Review processes FAQ's

About your organisation

Provide a summary about your organisation and a link back to your website so researchers and other funders can learn more and apply for support.

The directory is self managed by a single user.  Organisations should claim or create their listing in the directory.  Approvals and checks are required to complete the process.

Please note philanthrovate connect is not a fundraising directory for charities and there is no intention to enable this.  We are solely focused on good giving and helping funders and researchers connect.

Purpose or Mission

Please include the mission statement or purpose of your organisation to assist research and other funders understand what you are trying to achieve.


Your strategy should outline how you apply your support to achieve your purpose and mission.

It should focus on how, what and why you support research and not on fundraising.

Other conditions

Some funders of research have conditions restricting the parameters of their giving.  These can include;

  • Geographical areas
  • Age or gender
  • Diseases and conditions
  • DGR status, and more


Philanthrovate connect asks funders to identify which Australian States in which they can support research and receive applications.

Preferences and priorities

Philanthrovate connect asks funders to identify and preferences and priorities e.g. Career stage

Not interested in

It is helpful to also let researchers know what you won't support and eligibility criteria that would make them ineligible for support.

Examples may include;

  • You only support research at publicly funded research organisations with DGR1 status
  • You do not support unspecified administrative expenses
  • You do not support travel
  • You require matched funding


Philanthrovate connect utilises well established classifications for 'Broad Areas of Research' and 'Burden of Disease'.  Researchers are very familiar with these classifications which are also utilised by the NHMRC and AIWH.  We also include a list of fundable activities.

Select these from drop down menus and checkboxes.

Classifications are generally used in reports which may help identify areas in need and strategic planning.

Philanthrovate connect utilises these classifications and keywords to help researchers find and follow funders reducing the time spent by researchers who may apply for irrelevant grants or not know they exist.

Broad Areas of Research

There are four Broad Areas of Research used in philanthrovate connect.

Funders are able to select multiple choices using the drop down menu when managing their organisations profile.

Burden of Disease

Philanthrovate connect utilises the top level classification for 'Burden of Disease'.  This can be supplemented by using 'Keywords' to assist researchers and nominate specific diseases and conditions.

Funders are able to select the relevant checkboxes when managing their organisations profile.

Activities supported

Funders are able to select the relevant checkboxes when managing their organisations profile.

Level and type of support

We ask funders of research to include the range of grants ($$) available and information about the size of their organisation.

When to apply

Funders can update their status to open/closed for applications and include dates to indicate when rounds may be held.

How to apply

Please include a description of how to apply for support.

Applications directly through philanthrovate connect are not available.  Applicants should go to your website or you can include more contact information in this section.

Review processes

Researchers are often interested in how applications are reviewed, by whom, if they are competitive grants and associated timelines.

Please provide this important information for researchers to help them decide if an application is appropriate.


Philanthrovate connect allows funders of research to include common FAQS that are specific to their organisation.

Funders can include their own questions and answers.